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How do we fill 284,700 vacant jobs?


There are 4.43 million working age adults in Ontario who are not working, not in school and are not looking for work. Why aren’t they participating in the labour market?

Job seekers are facing a myriad of issues keeping them from jobs including a lack of affordable childcare, elder care, lack of transportation, disabilities, language difficulties, credential challenges and a lack of personal confidence or a reasonable goal for their future.


This year’s labour market conference is focusing on the specific steps career development organizations and employers can take to engage these potential workers.


In many cases these workers are Indigenous, immigrants, disabled, mature workers, youth, women, the homeless, survivors of violence and parents. What unites this group is that they aren’t even looking for work and so traditional outreach isn’t going to work.


LMC23 will bring together industry experts to discuss the best strategies and new ways of thinking about Ontario’s forgotten workers to help fill the growing number of unfilled jobs in the province.

Registration closes

July 19, 2023

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Thurs. July 27th   |    8:30am to 4:30pm; and

Fri. July. 28th   |   8:30am to 12:30pm


The conference will consist of 18 panels, break-out groups and featured speakers. For those who can’t attend portions or the whole conference, recordings of each segment will be available to view after the conference for everyone who registers.


Registration Rates*:

  $199.95/ individuals

  $169.95/ per person, 2-5  people 


  $149.95/ per person, 6-10 people

  $129.95/ per person, 11-20 ppl.

  $104.95/ per person, 11-20 ppl.

  $84.95/ per person, 51+ people


*25% Discount for Members of Labour Market Online

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